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No Rival Gangs Allowed in Streets (CURSED)

Author: skatefilter5
Date: 06.04.2018
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If your highly playing GTA: Underground whenever extended gang wars is installed beside deleted it.

Whenever the gangs bother you and you kill them it sometimes crashes or you have your homies with you can automatically kill rival gangs the game will sometimes too.

Now we have the curse for gangs to instantly die (doesn't affect grove street families)
You want to play in different cities in piece.

How to use:
LOL - instantly kills streets gangs in the streets (well some gang don't work) use alt.
hand - completely kill all street gangs including mission gangs - alt.
curse - instantly kill all the people execpt grove street gangs

place them in the cleo folder - it's useable for gta underground that gangs anoneys you and kill to prevent crash.
this will block all the gangs and you'll have gang-free zone but you will no longer takeover the hood.

Just type LOL and HAND to get rid of the gangs by killing them.

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No Rival Gangs Allowed in Streets (CURSED)
No Rival Gangs Allowed in Streets (CURSED) No Rival Gangs Allowed in Streets (CURSED)

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