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Visual Car Spawner v3.3

Author: Chel555
Date: 08.03.2018
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Filesize: 1.326 MB

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This script adds a multifunctional visual spa with a preview of vehicles (TC). The new version adds more features and capabilities.

Changes in version 3.3
- The page numbers and arrow buttons to switch between pages are centered.

Changes in version 3.2
- In the settings of the car the choice of color became much easier, thanks to the introduced color palette of 127 colors.
- In the settings of the machine, the inscription "Color ID" is added, which shows the current color ID of the square on which the cursor is pointing.
- In the settings of the car, you can now select extra parts in front of the spa machine.
- In the settings of the machine added the ability to put immunities: from bullets, from fire, from explosion, from collisions, from blows by melee weapons.

Changes in version 3.1
- The font of the inscriptions along the length was slightly reduced (now the name of the spa will not touch the "Find ..." button in the upper right corner, using the original anglifikator)

Changes in version 3.0
- Now you can open the spinner sitting in the car.
- The car will not get stuck on inclined planes anymore.
- Now you can spawn cars in interiors.
- Added a system of searching for cars by their standard names.
- The system of distribution of cars by groups (categories) is added.
- In the settings of the car, the ability to put your license plate is added.
- In the machine settings, the useless function of renaming machines was removed, now the current GXT key is displayed for its place.
- In the settings of the machine, the ability to set the color of the machine is added.
- When adding a machine, the entered model ID will be checked for the presence of the machine so that the pedal or object is not added to the spa.
- Added settings menu.
- Added the ability to spawn a controlled working train on rails.
- Added the ability to remotely control RC transport.
- Fixed bug with incorrect display of the number of all pages after you changed the group name to your own, or wrote a license plate in the machine settings and returned back.

For more information and how to use this spawn you can find out in the manual, which you can download separately at this link:

This manual contains the following sections:
- How can I change the picture of a standard car to my own?
- How to add a picture to a new non-standard machine?
- How to add your picture to the group?
- How can I change the original name of the car to my own?
- How to add a car to the group?
- How can I change the color of my car to my own?
- How do I sleep a working train?
- Parameters menu in Visual Car Spawner v3.0
- Known bug in Visual Car Spawner v3.0

It is NOT recommended to use the spent crack and others, in which the English letters are replaced by Russians. Spavner has only English localization, and those who have similar russifiers, there may be problems with incorrect display of letters in the inscriptions in the game itself, using this spavner.

Requires CLEO v4.3 library

It is recommended to install:
ASI plugin Mousefix or SilentPatch

The contents of the archive to throw in the folder with the game, agreeing to replace.

Spanner activation:
The default is H + 7 (regardless of whether the player controls the vehicle or not). Also you can change the two keys in the INI file VCS.ini

Parameters of the VCS.ini file
StartIDtexture - ID number of the start of displaying sprites
StartKey1 - The first ID number of the key to activate the spawner (by default ID - 72 is the H key)
StartKey2 - The second ID number of the key to activate the spawner (by default ID - 55 is the key 7)
ShowPictures - Displays images in the spa (use TXD file): 1 - on. / 0 - off.
PlayerInCar - Moving the player into the appeared car by the driver: 1 - on. / 0 - off.
OffsetY - Distance from the player's appearance in meters (you can enter a negative value)
Rotate - The angle of rotation of the machine in degrees (enter from 0 to 360)
RC_Mode - Ability to control remote radio-controlled transport: 1 - on. / 0 - off.
SpawnOnRailways - Ability to spawn a working train to the nearest rails: 1 - on. / 0 - off.
SaveInMemory - Save the machine in memory when exiting the spa: 1 - on. / 0 - off.
DeltaTime - Movement of the cursor taking into account frames per second in the game: 1 - on. / 0 - off.
Sensitivity - The reciprocal sensitivity of the cursor movement (the lower the value, the faster the cursor moves)
OpenInCar - Activation of the spa player when the player controls the transport: 1 - on. / 0 - off.

Greecko for the English localization of the spa.
DK22Pac for helping to fix one known bug.

Demonstration of the script (version 3.0):
Demonstration of the script (version 3.2):

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Visual Car Spawner v3.3
Visual Car Spawner v3.3 Visual Car Spawner v3.3 Visual Car Spawner v3.3 Visual Car Spawner v3.3 Visual Car Spawner v3.3 Visual Car Spawner v3.3 Visual Car Spawner v3.3

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