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Toyota Celsior UCF10 for Mobile

Author: nkymtor, Shon Racer (other nick - Shonter)
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Date: 30.12.2017
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Filesize: 16.197 MB

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Painted by 2 colours, has glowing at night Japanese plates and speedometer, detailed model of 1UZ-FE, neon lamps at rear, front and on the sides can be bought in TransFender as side skirts, has little negative wheel camber, wheels Asanti AF111 Sand Gator Skin, part of The Empire of Japan flag in black colour is stuck on the petrol cap, new rear and front bumper, side skirts, interior is retextured into bright colors (bright leather, other bright texture and classic toyota's velour), damageable, has box with subwoofers in the boot, nice exhaust pipes like "almost-bosozoku" and many other cool stuffs.
Good collision and shadow. Has chassis_vlo. Damageable. Quality is excellent.
Replaces Willard.

DFF's size: 3.36 MB.

If you have too rigid suspension and front part of the car is too high, install script "Speedometr.csa" that is in this archive with mod.

Installation is fully detalised in "[RUS] Установка с ПК.txt", "[ENG] Installation with PC.txt", "[RUS] Установка без ПК.txt" and "[ENG] Installation without PC.txt".

Author of stock model: nkymtor.
Put reflections on glasses, installed new rear bumper, installed key!s racing steering wheel, installed pedals, installed glowing at night speedometer, under steering wheel sticks, installed damper above engine, fixed dummies, made drawing of glove box, put air valve textures in interior, retextured some places on rear lights, retextured all interior into bright colors, retextured boot, installed 3D grille and made it chromed, installed 3D model of 1UZ-FE instead of two polygons with the texture of it, deleted some parts of engine which can't be seen under the engine cover, retextured accumulator, textured underbody, installed wheels Asanti AF111 Sand Gator Skin from Rafa.Prebianca Wheel Pack 2, made their shelves wider, retextured tire, stretched it on rim, stuck a part of The Empire of Japan flag in black colour on the petrol cap, fixed width of rear sofa, installed interior parts of doors from Aristo, retextured them into new bright colours of interior, made the lower parts of the sofa and seats, made exhaust pipes, made splinter for front bumper, made box with subwoofers in the boot, installed side skirts, made under bumper parts, made internal parts of boot and bonnet, put reflections on body, installed glowing at night Japanese plates, made neon lamps as a tuning part, fixed collision, made car damageable, moved almost all materials on textures (to SAAExten doesn't spoil them), set up what should illuminate due to braking and what due to night, made negative wheel camber, wrote handling, vehicles, carmods, carcols, veh_mods and fixed blinking polygons on rear lights:
Shon Racer (other niсk - Shonter).

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Toyota Celsior UCF10 for Mobile
Toyota Celsior UCF10 for Mobile Toyota Celsior UCF10 for Mobile Toyota Celsior UCF10 for Mobile Toyota Celsior UCF10 for Mobile Toyota Celsior UCF10 for Mobile Toyota Celsior UCF10 for Mobile Toyota Celsior UCF10 for Mobile

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