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Drone V1.2 Mod (Update 10/07/2020)

Author: jojo2971 | Email
Date: 23.09.2017
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This mod allows to control a drone in your game.

To make appear the drone write "drone" in the game.

To shoot a missile press the right click, you must put your view to the 1st person to shoot.

To change view (1st and 3rd person) press V.

To control the player/drone again press W + V. The drone will always be active if you control the player, it will switch to autopilot mode.

To control the camera (1st person) press the keys :
- G = Left
- J = Right
- Y = Up
- H = Down

To zoom with the camera (1st person) press the keys:
- U to decrease the zoom.
- I to increase the zoom.

To reset the camera (first person) to its original position press C.

To activate the autopilot press P.
0 = You control the drone | 1 = The drone moves to the red marker | 2 = The drone follows you
When the autopilot is activated you can adjust the speed with :
- K to decrease (min 2 KM/H).
- L to increase (max 15 KM/H).

You can activate the night vision with N.
You can activate the thermal vision with T.
To restore the normal vision press O.

To activate or deactivate the drone marker, press M. It will be visible on the map.

You can activate the search of the police with R.
When the search of the police is activated, your wanted level will increase after each shoot.

To take a screenshot from the drone, put the view to the 1st person then press B.

You can place the camera on missiles when you shoot by pressing X.

To quit the drone press "ENTER" or F.

Note :
- Avoid saving your game until the drone has completely disappeared. The objects if they are not destroyed remain after saving and can crash your game.
Remember to make a copy of your saves in case there is a problem.
- Junior_Djjr has converted a drone model (MQ-9 Reaper) into an object. You can replace the old wooden plane with this one.
The link of this model :
It also offers a fixed version of this mod which corrects certain errors that I had made before.
However when I realized the last version (V1.2), I had taken the last version that I had published before to correct everything, add new features and reorganize the code. Its version has therefore become obsolete now.
I think we can consider this version as the V1.1.

Update 10/07/2020 :
- Addition of a new functionality for the autopilot. You can now give the order to the drone to follow you.
- A new view has been added. You can now control the player again while leaving the drone to fly alone.
You can always change the speed and the target to follow.
- Addition of the possibility to activate or deactivate a marker on the drone. It will be more easily visible on the map.
- Adding a ini file to change some parameters such as :
|_ The camera rotation speed (Up-Down/Left-Right).
|_ Adjusting the X position of the camera (allows to center the camera correctly on another model of drone).
|_ The change of the position of the texts "Auto Pilot" and "KM/H".
|_ The change of keys.
|_ Some modifications on the drone marker (Activate/Deactivate by default | Color | Size).
|_ Activate/Deactivate by default the camera on the missile.
|_ Activate/Deactivate by default the search of the police.
- Improved camera control. Camera control is now much easier.
Take version B to use it. Otherwise take version A to use the old camera control.
- Fixed a bug that causes crash the game when the player died (I'm not sure if the crash came from the mod).
- Now, when the player is busted, the vehicle disappears as when the player dies.
- Change of the type of text displayed in the game. The "status text" could be incompatible with other mods,
they have therefore been replaced by normal texts but the effect remains the same despite the difference in appearance.
- Modification of the "Drone.fxt" file. Remember to update it as well.
- Deleting multiple unnecessary lines of code.
- Conversion of global variables into local variables to avoid the risks of bugs and incompatibilities between mods.
- Light optimization of the code.
Note :
This mod was the first where I started experimenting with using objects to make them usable vehicles, so it's not perfect.
For this update I have not tried to make big changes, it requires a minimum of time and motivation.
However, I tried to remove everything that was useless in the code as well as a few changes mentioned above. The mod works much better now.

Update 25/09/2017 :
- I had modify the sound when you shoot with the drone.

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Drone V1.2 Mod (Update 10/07/2020)
Drone V1.2 Mod (Update 10/07/2020) Drone V1.2 Mod (Update 10/07/2020) Drone V1.2 Mod (Update 10/07/2020) Drone V1.2 Mod (Update 10/07/2020) Drone V1.2 Mod (Update 10/07/2020) Drone V1.2 Mod (Update 10/07/2020) Drone V1.2 Mod (Update 10/07/2020)

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