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FBI Agent Bodyguards for Android

Author: Osaru2846
Date: 02.09.2017
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This mod gives the player the ability to request assistance from FBI agents. Once they activated through the cheat menu, they will spawn a in front of the player. This mod is also great for role play - with the support of skin menus.
The foundation of this Cleo script was originally created by the user in this website known as, "The Alien"
It was used one of his mods:

The script was then edited by a GTA Forums based in Indonesia that with username, "tanduk.setan".
Tanduk.setan was able to rewrite the values and and lines of this script with ease. As a result, this mod was created. There were some errors at first, such as one of guards behaving like a female and walking in a feminine way. This funny error is included as an option.
There are other options as well. Some people may prefer to have team where all members are equipped with the same, others may prefer a group with mixed weaponry. In this mod, both are an option. You can choose a group where all possess an M4 rifle, or a group with two agents have MP5s and one has an M4 rifle

Here is my conversation with tanduk.setan:

The Alien - script creator

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FBI Agent Bodyguards for Android
FBI Agent Bodyguards for Android FBI Agent Bodyguards for Android

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