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On The Beaches People Swim In The Water

Author: dimon_gta
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Date: 02.08.2017
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Hello. Meet my new mod on the topic
Realism and animation.

Now you can meet people on all the beaches of our state.
(See the review, also look for the map in the archive with the marks of the beaches).


- On the beaches of Los Santos and San Fierro you can meet people around the clock (the big city and the influx of tourists).
- On the beaches of the countryside in the daytime you will not meet people, but only in the evenings (rural life does not allow you to relax during the day).
- If for example the beach in the countryside is small, then the people on it
You will meet a lot, but if a large (dovgy beach), then the people will be, but they will not be bought together all together.
-Flying ordinary people, if someone catches a boat, he can die.

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On The Beaches People Swim In The Water
On The Beaches People Swim In The Water On The Beaches People Swim In The Water On The Beaches People Swim In The Water

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