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Improved 2-Player Model Selection & New Animations

Author: skatefilter5
Date: 05.07.2017
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The model selector that use anywhere to 60+ models for second player, type "p7" to spawn and change models (Also they have different combat abilities) I separate each models for San Andreas/Underground and it can be use the list will be below instead of picking 5 models in original 2-player modes and I also add in the distance hack so it doesn't end the game anymore if your driving such as airplanes. I tested in GTA Multiplayer and it's works but however the auto-aim is disabled in multiplayer and it will be hard to kill other players. You need the auto-aim hack mod.

Camera Fix for separated car:
For 2-Player, when you enter the car separately, press Z to toggle Player 1 view when your in the car, If you get out, press Z again and it will toggle back to normal, also press X toggle closer when your only sitting on bikes. Update: change the A to X for the bike.

Fixed headless glitch:
When your doing the swords fight another each other you'll not die in one-hit KO and become headless forever until you reload your save. So player 1 head is now immune to head cuts by default, to enable player 2 for no head cuts, type "head2" only when the second player is active.

What's new?
35 New custom actors for the second player, you will new the custom characters to import to gta3.img because it contains custom players in the scripts
"custom1" too. There's the a patch for medium update along with special actors.
Custom Characters IMGs:

The might need those:

Aici's IMG Editor:

Mod Loader:

Both Players can regenerate health whenever their taking damage and also you put the gun away while driving by typing "sit1" for player 1 and "sit2" for player 2, if your too tried of holding the gun when your riding on the bike.

Fix the 2-Player glitch so you don't clone more than one player, no more so if you press "p7", it will spawn player, after to spawn a player you should press D+E to destroy player.

New sex for 2-Players, all you got to press A+Q/S+W to have sex on food or in the car and also there sitting done sex when you press 1+2/3+4 by sitting and have sex, but you need to find the bench or a chair and CPU controlled 2-Player if you type "kill".

I got it setup for DYOM in 2-Players so you can DYOM missions together:

p1: Spawn your favourite Girlfriend as seen as in picture
p2: Spawn 3 different actors, nice, foe, and the hater
p3: Spawn buddies
p4: Spawn others
p5: Spawn a girl
p6: Spawn a love one
p7: Spawn 60+ different actors
p8: Spawn Girlfriends
p9: Spawn Strippers
p0: Spawn Bums
p-: Spawn Random Guys
p=: Spawn Single First Guy
p`: Spawn Single Second Guy (Sometimes it doesn't work)
o-: Spawn Single Second Guy
o1: Spawn Gang Boys
o2: Spawn More Guys
o3: Spawn Countryside Guys
o4: Spawn Extras
o5: Spawn Special Actors
o6: Spawn Hidden Girlfriends
o7: Spawn Hidden Girlfriends
o8: Spawn Hidden Girlfriends
o9: Spawn Random Peds
q1: Spawn Gang Boys
q2: Spawn More Gang Boys
q3: Spawn Others
q4: Spawn Random Peds
l3: Spawn Big Smoke
l4: Spawn Sweet, Ryder and Madd Dogg
l5: Spawn OG Loc
l6: Spawn Other Special Actors
l7: Spawn Hidden Girlfriends
l8: Spawn Single Hidden Girlfriend
l9: Spawn Second Hidden Girlfriend
l0: Spawn Custom Guys (Requires custom characters gta3.img or else IT WILL CRASH!)
9.: Spawn Custom Player (Requires custom characters gta3.img or else IT WILL CRASH!)
0.: Spawn Custom Girls (Requires custom characters gta3.img or else IT WILL CRASH!)

Note: To Destroy Player 2 press D + E to destroy Player 2 if you want too many players if you press the wrong keys.

Glitch: If you destroy player 2 after he steals the car from the driver, the car will turn into ghost, no person driving but the car drives byself, it works on bikes too but it doesn't work on parked cars!

hackx: Removes the distance limit
kungfux: Player 2 learns karate moves
boxingx: Player 2 learns boxing moves
kickingx: Player 2 learns kickboxing moves
normalx: Player 2 learns normal moves
nicex: Both Players are friends
foex: Both Players are friend or foe
hatex: Both Players are hate each other (Drives separate cars)
carx: Both Player drives separate cars
tough1: Player 1 is toughen
tough2: Player 2 is toughen
bullet1: Player 1 is immune to bullets
bullet2: Player 2 is immune to bullets

sexx: Have sex with the second player
sexyx: Have sex with the second player and make the second player vomit
cx: Give access to second player cheats (give player 2 some weapons and god mode)
CTRL + C: Give access to cheats for player 1

Pause/Break:Kiss the second player

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Improved 2-Player Model Selection & New Animations
Improved 2-Player Model Selection & New Animations Improved 2-Player Model Selection & New Animations Improved 2-Player Model Selection & New Animations Improved 2-Player Model Selection & New Animations Improved 2-Player Model Selection & New Animations Improved 2-Player Model Selection & New Animations Improved 2-Player Model Selection & New Animations

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