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Visual Car Copypaster v1.0

Author: Chel555 | Email
Date: 17.06.2017
Downloads: 3969 | Statistics
Filesize: 1.297 MB

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This script adds a visual copypaster with a preview of the machines. With this script, you can copy cars to the clipboard, and paste (spawn) them into the game.

- Copypaster copies the current tuning (components, wheels, vinyls and colors).
- Copypaster inserts (spawns) a car with copied tuning or without it.
- Copypaster copies all the vehicle, and also it can be inserted (spawned) into the game.
- You can also instert (spawn) vehicles in interiors.
- The inserted (spawned) car will not get stuck on an inclined plane.

Now you no longer need tuned cars or any vehicle to leave in the garage, thanks to the Copypaster, you can drop your car with tuning or other vehicle anywhere.

For more information and how to use this Copypaster, you can find it in the manual, which you can download separately at this link:

This manual contains the following sections:
- How to change the picture of the standard car to your own?
- How to add a picture to a new non-standard car?
- Options in Visual Car Copypaster v1.0

WARNING! Manual only on RUSSIAN language!

Requires CLEO v4.3 library

The contents of the archive to throw in the folder with the game, agreeing to replace.

Copying of transport:
Default H + 3 (player must be in vehicle). Also you can change the two keys in the INI file VCC.ini

Activating the copier:
The default is H + 9 (the player must NOT be in the vehicle). Also you can change the two keys in the INI file VCC.ini

DK22Pac for helping to fix one known bug.

Demonstration of the script:

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Visual Car Copypaster v1.0

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