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Switch Player Mod Similar GTA V but different

Author: Muhammad Herizal
Website | Email
Date: 13.06.2017
Downloads: 4700 | Statistics
Filesize: 1.651 MB

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New version available v.2.1

Switch Player Mod Similar GTA V but different - by Muhammad Herizal

First Release

#How to install
- extract all cleo file to GTA SA cleo folder, and import file bbthin.dff & .txd in gta3.img using img editor
- or use modloader for simple install, and extract all file in modloader folder

#Control :
- Spawn Partner : Backspace/ Fire + Left or Right
- Switch Player CJ : Alt + Right/ Sprint + Right
- Switch Player Partner : Alt + Left/ Sprint + Left
- Change Partner Weapon : Tab/ Action (current player weapon on foot)
- Partner Get in Other Vehicle : Tab/ Up (player in a vehicle)

#Bugs :
- Do not switch players in the water while riding a Bike. [Game Crash]
- Sometimes the vehicle does not sound when switching players in the vehicle.

#Credit :
- Thanks to Allah
- Thanks to Rockstar Games
- Thanks to Seemann (Sanny Builder 3)
- Thanks to and for key codes

I am just a beginner modder, sorry if my mod is ugly. :D

Gameplay video coming soon!!! My quota is thin :V

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Switch Player Mod Similar GTA V but different

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