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Balloon Drop Bomb

Author: Johnson047 | Email
Date: 12.02.2017
Downloads: 9236 | Statistics
Filesize: 1.213 MB

7.75 based on 8 votes

This mod can make you drop bomb from Hot Air Balloon (inspirated from Clash Of Clan and Clash Royale game)

How to use :
Use jetpack (hot air balloon), then press "B" to drop bomb or type "BALLOON" to use jetpack (hot air balloon) and flying in the air instantly

Please read this :
1. If you want to reupload, reedit this mod, please put credits of author.
2. Dont steal my mod! or I will add your name in Stealer List
3. If you want to add this mod in your own Modpack or Total Conversion, please contact me to get permission from me. If not, I will add your name in Stealer List.

Need some help :
I need Clash of Clan and Clash Royale balloon models, and I can't make this. So, if you can make this i hope you will make it and send it to me and I will put your name in credits. But if you won't, it's no problem.

Credits :
Raihan Ahnaf (Captain Raihan) for help me to fix and improve this mod.
Puma for Hot Air Balloon models
Andre modding TM for how to install and gameplay video

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Balloon Drop Bomb

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