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Rockport City build 0.004

Author: YourCreatedHell
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Date: 21.02.2016
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Trying to make a map of NFS Most Wanted open on the engine GTA San Andreas.

Build 0.004
- Added a small part of the coast and the new district.
- Alignment of colors, textures are now brighter.
- Changed some terrain models.
- Changed the ID used by the vegetation in the IPL, is now forest plantations looks better.
- Optimized geometry of road collisions, making less use of polygons
- Special DLC of modifications Behind Space of Realities has been made for the project, which is called NFS Rivals Greenery 1. It is situated BSOR DLC Packages vol. # 1 (updated on 03/29/2016), installed on top of the basic versions Behind Space of Realities.
- Use textures from NFS Carbon for coated. Unable to use of NFS World, because they are not with me.

How to install?
- Install the original game
- Make a copy of this game
- Set the desired NO CD and Cleo library.
- Find and install one of the following Cleo scripts: memory512, memory1024 or memory2048.
- Remove the map from game by using Map Cleaner 0.5rc1
- Copy the cleo, data and models folders in the game folder confirm the replacement.
- Start the game, keep in mind that saving is not working.

To correctly display of vegetation, it is necessary to install a modification Behind Space of Realities any version.

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Rockport City build 0.004
Rockport City build 0.004 Rockport City build 0.004 Rockport City build 0.004 Rockport City build 0.004 Rockport City build 0.004

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