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CLEO Dragtrack Final

Author: Dadude | Email
Date: 18.12.2009
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what do you get?
-at whitewood estates is the racetrack ( look at the flag in the pic)
-when you're not racing, you can watch other cars race on the track
i choosed some cars you'll see ( there are 18 different cars)
and if the car has a paintjob installed, it will probably show ..
-there are lampposts along the track for when racing at night.
-at the finish there is a stairway were you can watch the finish of the other cars
- the other cars drive damn fast,but not when you race.
- you wanna cheat by changing your handling lines?? whoehahahaha bad move!!! you'll see
the best results you get by using reallife handlings or the original San Andreas handlings
in the script i put some code that reads your speed, the faster you go, the faster
the opponent will adjust its speed with your's, so if you go really really fast
it could happen like your opponent gets a turboboost at the end
offcourse this will result in your losing!!
- you have to buy a racespot ( $2500) ( original code from threep and atp)
- if you win you get $10000 ( original code from threep and atp) if you win...
- to enter the race, drive in the red sphere ( flag marker on your radar)
you have to wait until the other cars drive away and then the menu appears
choose drag or time challenge and go for it ( drive to the next marker at the start)

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CLEO Dragtrack Final

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