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Drift City

Author: Super Mário (aka Hydro_PT)
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Date: 07.05.2008
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This map mod is 100% scratch made by me, using only San Andreas landscape objects.
It is located on Santa Maria Beach area. You can use the bridge located near the big wheel to enter the city.
I've searched for a lot of time a good drift map for SA, but I never found one. So I decided to build one myself.
I can garuantee you that this is the biggest Drift mod ever made for the game. It's so huge that you will even
think that this is part of the original game itself. I made my best to try and find the narrowest corners for amazing drift.
I've joined several roads of SA, I added a dual canyon and a huge large circuit for real sideway drifting.
If you love drift, this is the perfect map for you.

It features:

- A huge detailed city;
- Two routes for drift;
- Amazing corners for high speed drift;
- Canyon Drift;
- Docks Drift;
- Parking Lot Drift;
- And much more!

Drift City Map Mod on YouTube:

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Drift City

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