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Villa F V1 [Interior/Savedisk/Garage]

Author: skann
Website | Email
Date: 13.03.2020
Downloads: 52141 | Statistics
Filesize: 3.145 MB

7.79 based on 28 votes

This house is located in Tierra robada small beach, which is located east of Bayside , this House have a view on San fierro, Bayside ,
this mod contains : *interior
*2 cars
[Updated : Now Supports Modloader ]
[Update 0.1 : Fixed Night lighting
Removed red cercle at markers ]
[Update 1.1 :' Provided by✗/ ' :
*Working Garage
*Water in pools ' it might cause some bugs with water so if it's buggy , please replaced water.dat with original file '
*working doors 'removed markers " .

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Villa F V1 [Interior/Savedisk/Garage]
Villa F V1 [Interior/Savedisk/Garage] Villa F V1 [Interior/Savedisk/Garage] Villa F V1 [Interior/Savedisk/Garage] Villa F V1 [Interior/Savedisk/Garage] Villa F V1 [Interior/Savedisk/Garage] Villa F V1 [Interior/Savedisk/Garage] Villa F V1 [Interior/Savedisk/Garage]

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