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Project Props All In One updated

Author: asmitgta sa(me different name) and other members of project props
Date: 02.07.2017
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Updated now it contains angle pine and LS . Project Details
Project Props is a mod project which plans to give the 3D era GTA games Like GTA San Andreas,Vice City & Liberty City a little touch of realism by increasing map details by adding Props in those maps.It's sad that Rockstar couldn't give a high details to these maps because of the technical's limitations of consoles of that time PS2/X-Box.But in the HD era games,they filled all the empty space with many props.As a result the HD era games are looking so realistic & immersed.In this regard the 3rd era games are lacking too much.Vice City & Liberty City got only a few props,San Andreas got props but still the game lacks cause there are many empty grounds.So the main aim of this project is to make the games realastic by adding as many props as possible in these games. For discussion see or gta forums topic we need more modders if anyone inerested contact me

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Project Props All In One updated
Project Props All In One updated Project Props All In One updated Project Props All In One updated

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