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GTA V Declasse Vigero

Author: _F_ (Birdie)
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Date: 11.10.2014
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Filesize: 2.798 MB

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replaces clover.dff and clover.txd by default

- 2 versions:
+ IVF version (original lights)
+ San Andreas version (SA lights and dirt)
- Both versions adapted to IVF
- San Andreas reflections
- San Andreas license plates
- Gas tank door
- ped_arm dummy
- High quality damage model
- Featuring all tuning part dummies
- Realistic size
- Custom .col file
- Fixed R* bugs (door openings etc)
- Custom handling
- Compatible with Improved Vehicle Features by DK22pac

If you plan to use it in SA-MP, do not replace it with Phoenix. You need to install it over a car that has "is_low" handling flag checked (Infernus, Cheetah, Banshee,
Turismo, Hotring, Super GT, Buccaneer, Bullet, Tampa). As the car is really low, the original line will cause visual bug - character's head is sticking out of the roof and
legs are sticking out of bottom. But if you install all the handling lines that are provided with the mod correcly, you won't have any problems in single-game. SA-MP doesn't
read its data lines from the same place as the original game.

Tuning part dummies are in perfect harmony with Birdie (_F_)'s "GTA V tuning parts mod":

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GTA V Declasse Vigero
GTA V Declasse Vigero GTA V Declasse Vigero GTA V Declasse Vigero

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