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GTA V - Declasse Voodoo (V2)

Author: Deadllex's Garage | Email
Date: 06.06.2022
Downloads: 2782 | Statistics
Filesize: 20.12 MB

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GTA V Declasse Voodoo V2 converted and edited by Deadllex's Garage

New features:

  • Now Scale 110% version!
  • Added 10 tuning parts, can be tuned in Loco Low Co.
  • New best quality on wheels and hubs
  • Lights Reflections like GTA V
  • Fixed damaged lights at rear bumper
  • Fixed interior texture (No more vapid and peyote logos)
  • Fixed pads texture missing
  • Fixed paintjob and damage on traffic car
  • Fixed exhaust position
  • New VehFuncs options:
    • 5 class (You can find 4 differents tuned voodoo in traffic)
    • 60+ extras (Grills, Engines, Audio kit, Interiors, etc)
    • Double Exhaust function
    • Working Wipers
    • Own motor sound function
    • Dirt level at spawn

Default features:
  • Replaces Voodoo
  • 1st Color - Body, 2nd Color - Interior, brake hubs, dampers and steering wheel
  • 5 paintjobs (Only 4 can show the game, you can select between the 9 available)
  • ImVehFt compatible (Lights, Dirt, Brake hubs, Steering Wheel)
  • SkyGFX and GFXHack compatible (Chrome and reflections)
  • HD Textures (You can change the resolution with Magic TXD)
  • GTA SA Numberplates
  • Custom Collision and flat shadow
  • Custom Handling lines
  • Custom LOD
  • Adapted hydraulics
  • DFF 18.7MB - TXD 1.88MB

You must have these mods installed for it to work properly:
  • ImVehft
  • VehFuncs
  • M4k3's New Car Animations 1.7
  • At least GFXHack or SkyGFX(for better appreciation in parts with chrome and reflections)

Easy to install with Modloader

  • Rockstar Games - Vehicle model and textures
  • DK22Pac - YTD/YDR/YDD/YFT converter
  • Junior_Djjr - VehFuncs

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GTA V - Declasse Voodoo (V2)
GTA V - Declasse Voodoo (V2) GTA V - Declasse Voodoo (V2) GTA V - Declasse Voodoo (V2) GTA V - Declasse Voodoo (V2) GTA V - Declasse Voodoo (V2)

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