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GTA V-S Bordeaux Gaulle [IVF|VehFuncs|PJ]

Author: jalbert1998, Automan
Date: 10.09.2021
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* MP3 BF CLUB by AUTOMAN. Renamed to Bordeaux Gaulle, for the SilentSoul21

* Open Source Files, only credits to use or re-upload it.
* Added CLUB to replace (Although you can replace it with the one you want or add it without substituting)
* IV / V Style dirt.
* SA Style plates.
* Wheels paintable with the 3rd Color.
* 5 Paintjobs, which change the texture of the interior.

* Improved Vehicles Features:

• Level of Dirt on the body and on the Wheels.
• Dierctional lights.
• Reverse lights.
• Fog lights.
• Functional steering wheel

* Features of VehFuncs:

• Functional Windshield Wiper.
• More than 30 possible default color combinations (thanks to the classes)
• vibration in the engine and exhaust.
• Random selection of Paintjobs.

• Classes:

- Base
- Custom

• Recursive Extras System:

- 14 Sterrings Wheels.
- 4 Exhausts
- 4 Bumper kits
- 1 front lip
- 3 Fog Lights
- 1 Antenna
- 2 Spoilers
- 3 Headlight Covers
- 6 Racks
- 11 Wheels + 4 Tires Walls.

* Remember to have installed for optimal performance:

- VehFuncs 2.2 or higher

- Improved Vehicles Features 2.1.1 or higher

* I recommend using also together with:

- New Realistic Dirt for Improved Vehicles Features

- More Cars on Traffic Around San Andreas State

- More Cars Parkeds Around San Andreas State

- GTA V Carcols.dat SA Style

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GTA V-S Bordeaux Gaulle [IVF|VehFuncs|PJ]
GTA V-S Bordeaux Gaulle [IVF|VehFuncs|PJ] GTA V-S Bordeaux Gaulle [IVF|VehFuncs|PJ] GTA V-S Bordeaux Gaulle [IVF|VehFuncs|PJ] GTA V-S Bordeaux Gaulle [IVF|VehFuncs|PJ] GTA V-S Bordeaux Gaulle [IVF|VehFuncs|PJ] GTA V-S Bordeaux Gaulle [IVF|VehFuncs|PJ] GTA V-S Bordeaux Gaulle [IVF|VehFuncs|PJ]

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