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Varis Honda Civic Type R (FK8) [PC/Mobile]

Author: mobile mods
Date: 22.07.2021
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Varis Honda Civic Type R (FK8) [PC/Mobile]
main author: CSR2
converted to GTA SA by me (mobile mods)
extracted by CSB

A homage to my buddy who likes Civics so much. He's been with me ever since I was just making paintjobs. I can still remember how bad his problems about the car's lights and traffic lights are XD. It's been a great journey with you man, cheers! The best Varis Civic Type R you will drive! (the best so far I guess :v)


= Quality model from CSR2
= 110% scaled model (similar to NGR's and MD10's cars)
= guaranteed no black cleo for mobile
= Detailed exterior and interior
= 3D engine and boot
= Varis decals
= has chassis_vlo
= SA lights/HQLM support
= SA colors and plate support
= 2 color support (car body and interior)
= Custom shadow and collision
= Custom reflections (looks good with or without graphic mods)
= Custom handling
= Custom vehicles.ide
= Replaces EMPEROR or any car you want
= mb dff and mb textures


* data lines *
= handling.cfg =
EMPEROR 1585 5531.2 1.0 0 0.1 -0.3 75 0.85 0.85 0.48 5 300 18 81 4 P 4 0.52 1 35 1.2 0.11 2.5 0.28 -0.06 0.505 0.4 0.2 0.24 75000 40110004 170020b 2 2 0

= vehicles.ide =
585, emperor emperor, car, EMPEROR, EMPEROR, null, normal, 10, 0, 0, -1, 0.75, 0.75, 0


* take note *
= may cause lag to low end phones
= no custom damage
= turn off RLE Compression on TXD Tool's settings to avoid texture bugs
= use the data lines or else the car might look weird.


* Credits to CSR2 (Natural Motions games) and CSB

* Special thanks to:
= OneeSama (my sensei)
= NGR_Ardiansyah (some techniques)
= FHR artworks (some techniques)
= Mad Driver (some techniques)
= Ikey07 (the "tutorial" dude)
= Deydey (ma man!)
= Claud Dine (friendship and support)
= Joehonest (friendship and support)
= Team Saiaku | PH (friendships and support to each other)
= GTAinside for accepting my mods :D

like our page for more GTA SA mobile car mods!

now get racing!
= mobile mods=

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Varis Honda Civic Type R (FK8) [PC/Mobile]
Varis Honda Civic Type R (FK8) [PC/Mobile] Varis Honda Civic Type R (FK8) [PC/Mobile] Varis Honda Civic Type R (FK8) [PC/Mobile] Varis Honda Civic Type R (FK8) [PC/Mobile] Varis Honda Civic Type R (FK8) [PC/Mobile] Varis Honda Civic Type R (FK8) [PC/Mobile] Varis Honda Civic Type R (FK8) [PC/Mobile]

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