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GTA V: Grotti Itali GTO 1.1

Author: memeboi | Email
Date: 28.05.2020
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"When you think of lightweight redesigns, you probably think of carbon fiber bodywork
and stripped-out interiors. But that's just for beginners. Step inside the Itali GTO,
and the air you're breathing has increased hydrogen content for extra lift.
Grotti have even taken the controversial step of obliging potential owners to do
their part by shaving their body hair andremoving at least one kidney.
Sometimes you have to suffer for perfection."
-Legendary Motorsport.

Today i present to you the "Grotti Itali GTO" a sports car added as part of the Arena Wars update during the
Festive surprise 2018 event,being a returning vehicle from the 2D universe now rebadged under the name of
Grotti. It's primarily based off the Ferrari 812 superfast with some elements from the Mansory Stallone 812,
Vorsteiners' bodykit from the Ferrai 458, Aston Martin Zagato,Corvette c12 & Ferrari F12.Also another of those
returning vehicles from the 2D universe like the Ocelot Jugular.

Also be careful when driving at high speeds since the bumps can make you lose control,because
it handles like when the gto got the bumpy advanced handling flags nerfed in the "The Diamond Casino & Resort"

-Replaces Cheetah by Default.
-Only bonnet,doors,boot & windshield can be damaged.
-Primary & Secondary color:Body, Third color:Interior trim.
-1.-San Andreas normal DFF: roop scoop & grotti skirts as extras, 2.-Vehfuncs: Discrete & low-level spoiler, 2 extras.
-Custom Fxt Name.
-Tunable (Only Spoiler)

Update 1.1
-Fully functional steering wheel has been added to the Vehfuncs dff.

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GTA V: Grotti Itali GTO 1.1
GTA V: Grotti Itali GTO 1.1 GTA V: Grotti Itali GTO 1.1 GTA V: Grotti Itali GTO 1.1

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