Kenworth T800 Road Train V2.0

Author: gonzalezvla
Date: 07.12.2019
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Filesize: 12.443 MB

10.00 based on 4 votes

Truck Review:

Handling - 10/10 Perfect
Design - 10/10 Perfect
Interior - 10/10 Perfect
Damage - 10/10 Perfect
Lag - no (in my computer - DFF 11MB And 14MB)
Bouncing - ? (not tested)
OpCodes - no

Repleace---> Roadtrain

-Openable doors And Bonnet
-Color can be changed
-Adapted Active Dashboard 3.2.1 IVF 2.1.1 Vehfuncs v1.4
-Color Chrom Reflections Real HD
-6 Extra Parts chassis And Cab ,Mudflaps ,cabines ,Sideskirts ,Spoiles ,Guides And Others Extras
-Chassis 8x4 And 8x6
-Interior Full HD Real T800
-Versions Reflections The Interiors Parts
-Adapted Animations The Cardan Chassis
-Version The Doors Status
-Update Lights Truck Cab IVF 2.1.1
-Adapted Lights Interior Dashboard IVF On-Off Nights
-Updates Parts Chassis Perfect
-Cleo Text Title Name Truck
-News Lights HD Textures
-Fix Collision Chassis And Cab Day
-Perfect Doors parts Interior
-News Wheels 5 Holes Textures Tires Real
-Motor Red Cummins ixs 600
-Pipes Exhausts Chrom Logo Kenworth And Cab Hroof
-Mirrors Doors Side With Bonnet
-Add Extras Truck Bonnet And Types Cabines Bumpers
-News Interiors Repleaces Textures Blue, Green, Grey, Red
-News Seats Kenworth Truck
-Add Animations Parts Interiors
-Animations Fan Motor And interior
-Add Luminous Interior
-Add Steering Wheel Classic Wood Logo Kenworth
-Part Cab Kenworth The World Best`s
-Add Filters And Without Cab
-Animation Windshield And Damage Windscreen
-MudFlaps Real Kenworth And Logo Woman American EEUU
-Add Parts Cables The Trailer
-Add Plates Front And Back

-Autor Model: oq37 ,Stels ,kapitan kriechbaum ,dmitry68 ,rignroll model ,SCS Software, Euro Truck Simulator 2
-Convert and edit: gonzalezvla

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Kenworth T800 Road Train V2.0
Kenworth T800 Road Train V2.0 Kenworth T800 Road Train V2.0 Kenworth T800 Road Train V2.0 Kenworth T800 Road Train V2.0 Kenworth T800 Road Train V2.0

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