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GTA V Freight Train

Author: _F_ (Birdie)
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Date: 26.11.2019
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Filesize: 19.976 MB

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replaces freight.dff, freight.txd, freiflat.dff, freiflat.txd, freibox.dff and freibox.txd by default

Attention! For the best train experience, I recommend to use "New Algorithm for Trains" mod by Den_Spb

Attention VehFuncs users! Always be sure to have the latest VehFuncs installed:
VehFuncs version at the time of release: v1.8.3 beta (12.04.20)

- freiflat.dff comes in 3 versions:
+ Flatbed version
(best for missions, in case there there are something hauled on the train)
+ Container version
(instead of flat train, there will always be a container on it)
(it has the container collision, so you can walk on top and inside of it)
+ VehFuncs version
(possibility of flatbed or container version)
(it has the flatbed collision, so you cannot walk ontop of it, but will be possible to play missions, though the visuals may look bad)
(9 different container companies)
- San Andreas reflections
- Realistic size
- Custom .col file
(possible to enter the train and wagons)
- Compatible with Improved Vehicle Features by DK22pac

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GTA V Freight Train
GTA V Freight Train GTA V Freight Train GTA V Freight Train GTA V Freight Train GTA V Freight Train GTA V Freight Train

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