1994 Toyota Supra Mk-IV Fully Tunable (FNF style) v1.0

Author: Pranjit Das & YochiThMaster333 | Email
Date: 16.02.2019
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Toyota Supra Mk-IV 1994


* Original author: Turn10 Studios, FM4;
* Converted to SA: YochiThMaster333;
* Modified author: Pranjit Das;

(Please note: the original author YochiThMaster333 mentioned in the description, that anyone can modify his car without permission, that's why I didn't asked him, but I gave credits to him...thanks)



Hello guys, so today I'm presenting one of the most iconic cars from the Street Racing History, and one of my best car for GTA SA. The Toyota Supra Mk-IV, in the style of the legendary movie "The Fast and The Furious (2001)" and with fully tunable compatibility!

This car was originally comes from Forza Motorsport 4 (FM4) and ripped and converted to SA by YochiThMaster333. And modified, added few changes, improved textures and all new paintjobs by me (Pranjit Das).

There are 3 paintjobs, 1st one is Brian's Supra skin (from The Fast and The Furious), 2nd is Slapjack's Supra skin (from 2Fast 2Furious) and Han's RX-7 skin (from FNF Tokyo Drift) is also available!

All skins are made by me, using the template provided by YochiThMaster333. The only skin that is not made by me is the FNF Brian's Supra skin, its originally made by YochiThMaster333. However, some textures and colours of the skin is not correct, and it looks more like yellow than orange.

So I have corrected it, fully changed the colour, and also changed the green colour of the vinyls. Not only that, but I also added a black sunroof, as the original movie car was convertible and it doesn't have the roof top. Also, I have recreated the hood vents, so they more darker and realistic.

Now the skin looks almost exactly same as the one of the original movie car, but it was not so easy to corrected these things. And about the 2F2F Slapjack's Supra skin, its actually fully made by me! It was not so easy to make the skin, the vinyls are extremely difficult to draw on the template, and it was also so hard to match the colours.

Somehow, I draws the vinyls (after continue trying of 4-5 hours), and I taken the colours from the pictures of the original movie car. And for the hood vents, I used the same texture from the FNF Supra skin, as I noticed that both the Supras from FNF and 2F2F have the exactly same hood vents design.

Only difference is the 2F2F one have that extra chrome grille in the middle of the hood, but the original FNF one haven't. Also, I have changed the colour of the vents from dark grey to silver, as the original movie one was chrome (unlike the FNF Supra).

And about the FNF Tokyo Drift Han's RX-7 skin, its also fully made by me, using the template provided by YochiThMaster333. This skin is not very hard to make, but also not very easy. The only problem is the vinyls position, they wouldn't fits properly on the Supra. Somehow, I fixed it, and now the skin fits perfectly on the car!

And lastly, about the tuning parts, this car have two body kits (Alien and X-Flow). However, you can also mix the parts, like bumpers from Alien, skirts from X-Flow and so on! And the car also have the original stock Supra kit, which can be obtain in the civilian car that spawns in traffic, but there is a FNF style custom black hood vent added by me!!

Special thanks to YochiThMaster333, for converting and making all these kits (tuning parts)!!

By default, model replace Jester, but like always you can also replace any other model of the game!!



* DLC Update - NightRiders

* Replace: Jester;
* SA lights;
* SA plate;
* SA damage;
* Own textures;
* Own lights;
* Own shadow;
* Own collision;
* Own windshield crack;
* MQ exterior;
* MQ Interior;
* MQ textures;
* MQ engine;
* MQ underbody;
* 1 colour (only body);
* 3 paintjobs (in the style of FNF);
* Fully tunable in Wheels Arch Angels (with bumpers, skirts, spoilers etc);
* No extras (but you can change the body parts at tuning shop);
* Realistic handling;
* Realistic physics;
* New custom hood vents (FNF style);
* New and better textures;
* Fully support - ENBSeries;
* Fully support - HQLM2;
* Low dff and txd sizes;
* Models fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the game;


For more information, see Readme.txt in archive!

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a nice day!

Pranjit Das

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1994 Toyota Supra Mk-IV Fully Tunable (FNF style) v1.0
1994 Toyota Supra Mk-IV Fully Tunable (FNF style) v1.0 1994 Toyota Supra Mk-IV Fully Tunable (FNF style) v1.0 1994 Toyota Supra Mk-IV Fully Tunable (FNF style) v1.0 1994 Toyota Supra Mk-IV Fully Tunable (FNF style) v1.0 1994 Toyota Supra Mk-IV Fully Tunable (FNF style) v1.0

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