1963 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop Sedan (Herbie style) v1.0

Author: Pranjit Das & DDK | Email
Date: 26.09.2018
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1963 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop Sedan (Herbie style) v1.0

Author Information:

Original author: Currently unknown;
Converted to SA: DDK;
Modified author: Pranjit Das;

(Please note: That I modified the car under permission from original author DDK, so it's not a illegal stuff at all)


So after long time searching, finally I got a mid poly classic VW Beetle with paintjob compability! This is one of my most biggest mods that ever made for GTA San Andreas, my dream car and America's pride "Herbie the love bug"!! This car was originally made by DDK (as a race car), and modified, added few changes, fixed some bugs and reduced txd size, and mainly
conversion to Herbie the love bug 1963 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop Sedan by me (Pranjit Das). So this car included almost

every skins of he original Love Bug Herbie, included the rusty version from "Herbie fully loaded" (2005) last movie from Herbie franchise. It also have many other 60s style racing skins, and a special green skin as the primary color (because the
car doesn't support any color). All skins are just paintjobs, and you can put them on the car at any Transfender modshop! And a template also included for making own skins (use a standard program like MSPaint to make own skins).

Also, included original 1963 Volkswagen wheels (replace wheel_lr4) for give the car a more Herbie look! Special thanks to Den Lover for making this wheel (General Wheels MQ) and modified to make it looks like an old school VW hubcap by me. I'm pretty much sure, that this is the only Herbie mod for GTA SA that comes with very low poly model, but looks great in game (see screenshots). The dff is only 3MB and txd is 1MB, perfect for all kinds of computers (Low-Medium-High PC)!

And thanks to all of my friends, who helped me in finding the car from internet!

By default, model is set to replace with BF Injection, but like always you can also replace any other model of the game!!


-Replace: BF Injection (or other 2 door car);
-SA lights;
-Own plate;
-Own lights;
-Own shadow;
-Own collision;
-No colours (paintjob instead);
-No extras (there is no point to put extras in such a classic legend);
-4 paintjobs (included Herbie the love bug skin, template also included for making own skins);
-Original Herbie the love bug number "53" font (thanks to;
-Original Herbie the love bug stripes colours (taken from photographs of original Herbie movie car);
-Original Herbie the love bug ragtop (in style of Herbie goes to monte carlo);
-Original Herbie 1963 Volkswagen wheels (replace wheel_lr4 of Transfender);
-Highly detailed exterior & interior;
-Fully compatible with ENBSeries;
-Fully compatible with HQLM2;
-Low dff and txd sizes (doesn't cause lags);
-Model fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the game;

For more information, see Readme.txt in archive!

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a nice day!

Pranjit Das

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1963 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop Sedan (Herbie style) v1.0
1963 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop Sedan (Herbie style) v1.0 1963 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop Sedan (Herbie style) v1.0 1963 Volkswagen Beetle Ragtop Sedan (Herbie style) v1.0

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