1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sedan (Christine Style)

Author: Pranjit Das | Email
Date: 06.07.2018
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1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sports Sedan (Christine Style) Version 1.0

Original Author:
Ripped & converted by: StratumX.
Modified & edited by: Pranjit Das.


Hello guys, this my all new modification for GTA San Andreas.
Hope you must seen Christine, an early 80s american horror movie directed by John Carpenter
and based on the noval by Stephen King. The movie was inspired by an old school fancy car, a red 1958 Plymouth Fury Hardtop Coupe with a white top and silver stripes in the side doors.

In the movie, there are 27 different Plymouth cars was used. Not all of them were Fury,
some similar models Belvedere, Savoy and Plazas were also used. Several cars was smashed
down during shooting, and they're sent to scrap yard after the shooting finished.
Two of them were fitted together, and destroyed at the end of the movie by the Bulldozer.

This car was originally made by StratumX, and modified and converted into Christine by me (Pranjit Das).
Yeah I know, that the original Christine was a 2 door hardtop Fury, but I didn't found any good quality 58 Fury for GTA SA.
So I used StratumX's 57 Plymouth Belvedere Sports Sedan and transformed into Christine!


5.71MB - dff
1.67MB - txd

-SA Lights
-SA plate
-SA reflection
-Own shadow
-Own collision
-Own damage
-3 colors (body, interior & roof/side stripes)
-3 extras (rear wheel cover, books and some extras)
-4 door (four seated capacity, driver and three passenger)
-Compatible with ENBSeries and High Quality Lights Mod2)

For more information about the car, see Readme.text in archive,
because I don't have much time to write more about the car!!

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a nice day!

Pranjit Das.

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1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sedan (Christine Style)
1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sedan (Christine Style) 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sedan (Christine Style) 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sedan (Christine Style)

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