Rikintosh's Small Detail Mod

Author: Rikintosh
Date: 30.04.2018
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- Much of the interior (and exterior in some cases) were made based on the actual cars on which the game was based, for example the interior of the Club, was made based on Vw golf and Vw Polo. This gave me a lot of work as I had to look for car items such as door panel, dashboard, and even seat fabric, on google, manipulate them in the image editor, often taking over 40 minutes of work for each texture by car. The work consisted of also testing the editions in the game, because the vehicles were not originally well mapped, I had to stay testing every edition that made in the texture to see if it was good.

Wheels and hubcaps were made based on the original wheels and hubcaps. Some cars in the game use wheel models that do not allow you to enter a suitable texture, for example the tahoma, which features a polygonal wheel model that looks nothing like what should Monte Carlo Sport Coupe. So I'm going to use third-party DFFs (3d cars) with wheels that allow you to display the correct wheels.

The vast majority of the txd files for interior of the vehicles are 512x512, for a good definition, without loss of performance. As soon as the mod is finished, I'll make a special edition of the mod with the same textures in 128x128 (original size), for low end computers, and consoles.

My mod requires a vehicles.txd that matches its textures, I have already developed it, and it will be attached to the mod. I will include vehicle.txd variants that have more textures than the default due to other mods, for it to easily work with third-party mods.

I also tried to keep all cars compatible with the cars of the beta version of the game

In the future, maybe I can develop a mod like this for gta III and vice city!

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Rikintosh's Small Detail Mod
Rikintosh's Small Detail Mod Rikintosh's Small Detail Mod Rikintosh's Small Detail Mod Rikintosh's Small Detail Mod Rikintosh's Small Detail Mod Rikintosh's Small Detail Mod Rikintosh's Small Detail Mod

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