1940 GAZ-42

Author: Dmitrii_Mods, Tripwire
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Date: 27.09.2017
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I present my new conversation - Soviet gas-generator truck GAZ-42 (as in the previous conversation, the basis was taken by a GAZ-AA from the Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad) which was a modification of GAZ-MM, featuring a shorter cargo platform and the presence of a gas generator plant. This model is a specification of 1940. In the screenshots - the version with IVF, in the archive there is also a model for standard headlights.
Features of the model:
* Good quality model
* A large number of parts made by me from scratch: gas generator, wheels, engine, transmission, braking system, under-hood space, front lights, hoods. The onboard platform, frame elements and cabs have been revised.
* Good textures
* The model is adapted for IVF (front lights, brake lights, brake callipers) and APP (wipers, steering wheel, for the version without IVF - also brake calipers)
* CJ hands on the steer
* New settings for handling.cfg and vehicle.ide. Written in ReadMe.
* Everything that should breaks, scratches, beats. Exploding fuel tank (neck in front of the windshield)
* Own shadow, collision, chassis_vlo
* Can cling trailers
* Replaces Sadler
Thank you:
* DK22Pac for creating Improved Vehicles Features
* izerli for creating an Active Dashboard

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1940 GAZ-42
1940 GAZ-42 1940 GAZ-42 1940 GAZ-42 1940 GAZ-42 1940 GAZ-42

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