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Kawasaki Z800

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Date: 26.12.2014
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This is Kawasaki's Z800, finally available for San Andreas (Whoops, idk if this one is made for SA already, but meh.)
I made this around 20 December, but kinda got lazy to continue and do stuff to it, but here i am finishing it on Christmas.

All details you gotta know is inside the README.txt . READ IT!
If you want to upload my mods in another website, give credit to me. If you don't, well you're screwed anyway.
And if you want to edit my mod and upload it here, give credit to me too. Not giving me as credit will result in report of mod theft and request of mod removal.

How to give credit? Just put my name on your mod's description or in "Author". It's just simple as that. Respect my hard work converting the mod by doing that :).

7 October 2015 - This mod has been stolen 2 times, once modified without giving credit for GTA SA, and second is converted to GTA V without giving credit too.
27 March 2016 - This mod has been stolen for the 3rd time by nuno101 without giving me credit in his mod description (hell he didn't provide ANY DESCRIPTION AT ALL). Textures were edited, some textures were removed, and new textures were added. Thanks for that! Now your mod has been reported. Have a good day!
27 May 2016 - This mod has been stolen, yet again by faishul ananda as two separate bike mods. One as a "Kawasaki Ninja Z800 Superbike" and another as "Kawasaki Ninka Z800 Stunter" (YES, NINKA. NOT A NINJA. Nice typo there, faishul)
Both mods have been uploaded since 24 May 2016.

The bike has few bugs, but overall, it's still enjoyable at least.
For now, enjoy!

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Kawasaki Z800
Kawasaki Z800 Kawasaki Z800 Kawasaki Z800

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