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2017 YZF-R25

Author: NazmiNZart
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Date: 13.02.2019
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MOD ( Motorcycle ) : GTA SanAndreas

2017 YZF R25 model from nb7project

Export to SA fixed and Edited : NazmiNzArt

Visit My Fb :

Special thx to : NB7_Project
NGR team

About :

> dff file 12.mb and txd 6.mb (any replace) Sorry so big DFF because high poly
i dont have mid or low poly

> replace nrg500.dff and nrg500.txd

?? replace anything your want
Rename the file nrg500.dff and nrg500.txd
to the car that want to replace
example: PCJ600.dff and PCJ600.txd

> Detail Body

> Custom Shadow

> Have bike.ifp by NGR team for riding position

> Body with reflection ( workS without ENB )

> Mirror Reflection ( workS without ENB )

> Extra mirror end no mirror

> Full Collision

> wWindshield Glass with reflection ( workS without ENB )

> have scrip handling ( 250cc Launch Control handling 0-60 mph in 7 second , top speed 220 KMH )

> have scrip Vehicle Scrip for perfect motor position and wheel up

> working in Android ?

/>>>>Have ADAPT Imvehft

> head lights
> indicator lights
> breake lights

/>>>>Have Adapt Active dashboard

> tachometer

? you gone Install Improve vehcle features v2.1 and Activedashboard v3.1

and replace handling.cfg and vehicle.ide get 100% working no bug

> dff.File Lock Permanent You cannot openned
> All Screenshot by Reksy Juichi Gatsu Prakoso

Soo Thanks For Visit ^_^ Enjoy it ... ! !

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2017 YZF-R25
2017 YZF-R25 2017 YZF-R25 2017 YZF-R25 2017 YZF-R25 2017 YZF-R25 2017 YZF-R25

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