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Author: pinky
Date: 01.09.2006
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This aircraft will replace the current Hydra model you are using.

To get in stand beside the port gear covers and press enter, port is red and starboard is green. It has these red and green markings as it sometimes gets confusing as to your upright position because of the planes shape.

Flying tips:
This plane was never built but was an X plane that remains controversial to this day, would it have worked is the main question?
It was designed to take off vertically so it could be hidden in woods and built up areas, it's intended purpose was as an interceptor aircraft.
In reality it can't land like a conventional plane but with it replacing the Hydra that option is still available, if you want realism land and take off in full hover mode.
It has far superior thrust and other handling capabilities compared to the standard Hydra and you can switch from hover into full flight by only using full throttle during the transition, no more trying to balance it while doing so from a standstill.
This plane will climb full vertical at around 160 mph, if you like skydiving then this will get you up there fast.

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