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Gee Bee (final)

Author: pinky
Date: 01.09.2006
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This aircraft will replace the current Stuntplane model you are using.
The decals on it are deliberatly just dual coloured as the whole thing is carcols compatable and any colour that is non changable can be lost in some colour schemes.

Flying tips:
Straightforward enough, the handling has been set to try and mimic the true Geebee profile, top speed, take off speed and stall speeds.
They are all conjecture anyway as the only real one of this type, the typeZ was fataly destroyed while speed testing a 200 horsepower engine upgrade.
The origonal 550HP versions performance is what it is set up to, the 750 version there is no real data although it did break the current air speed record but was not regarded because it didn't exceed the previous amount by over 4MPH (typical regulation bollocks if you ask me).
The plane has the very same bad trait of being difficult to land as the real thing due to not having flaps, the stunt plane is the same as it deosn't have undercarraige control which in SanAndreas applies the flaps. Check out them working on undercarraige fitted planes to see them in action.
When you start to set planes up to use the limit remover for speed and alttitude new problems arrise, these I have tried to deal with without losing playability but shedding off speed is now a real bastard, again like the real aircraft.
If you need further info on the main problem causers in handling with the limits removed i'll only be to happy to pass the info on. You can probably get a rough idea from the handling provided though. Any aircraft I do from now on will be set up for no limits handling.
Control has been altered to suit the new performance as well, the stunt is very violent as standard at 300MPH+.
This required some muting but the overall control should now give you confidence to fly through silly gaps at 200 to 300MPH.;)
I am a serial stunter with the aircraft and a I am happy with the results, you can fly through the cave part on the side of Mt Chillaid no problem. I have even repaetedly flown it sideways through the gaps in the ariel tower next to SanFierro.

Anyway enough chit chat, try it out.Hopefully the handling is to your tastes, let me know otherwise anyway as thats what testing is all about.

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Gee Bee (final)

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