GTA:SA: Airplanes

P38 Lightning

Author: Pinky
Date: 17.08.2006
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This aircraft will replace the current Rustler model you are using.

This aircraft is set up to use the SCM hook by OP9080, it will work fine without it however.
Be aware that at 400+mph altitude can be lost real quickly and SA becomes a lot smaller place to traverse.;)

Flying Tips:
Just treat it as you would the origonal Rustler, bearing in mind that it is a bit larger.
Optimun landing speed is about 80mph, hit too hard and the gear will fail and bailing out is advised to avoid CJ'sdeath.

Known bugs: Sometimes the initial spawn at the Rustler's standard spawn points will appear with the rudders displaced, this rectifies as soon as you enter the plane. This displacement will remain visible during replays however. I have tried many different methods to get rid of this but it is a side affect of twin rudders that for the time being is untreatable.

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P38 Lightning

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