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Airbus A380 with full interior

Author: De_Ponce | Email
Date: 23.10.2014
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[10/17/19] NOTICE!

A new update of the mod will be available within a few days. The new update differs from the 0.5 beta release, features a redone interior, a redone cockpit, better textures and more.. model has also been reduced in size almost by half!

Here is a converted low poly version of this mod by: Gmer

Beta Release V 0.5

*** Almost forgot to drive the plane you MUST be inside the interior, press "F" or "enter" near a door***

Features: V 0.5
* Full interior (2 floors + cabin)
* Working windows
* Small lounge - work in progress
* All langing gears
* Textured cabin -work in progress
* Working Doors
* Custom Collision
* Included Air Traffic Mod by: altman
- For single player a gravity mod will is recomended otherwise you will fall off the plane, for samp nothing is neded.
- To install the air traffic mod, simply drop the "Planez.cs" to the cleo folder..

Upcoming Features V 1.0
* Working Rudder, Elevator etc.
* Small cargo hold with door (door can be opened/closed with special keys up and down)

Video Coming Soon!

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Airbus A380 with full interior
Airbus A380 with full interior Airbus A380 with full interior Airbus A380 with full interior

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