GTA San Andreas: Airplanes

Boeing 767-300ER

Author: -Carcer-
Date: 19.03.2024
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Filesize: 214.217 MB

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A new Boeing 767-300ER mod for GTA SA, with realistic details and features, mainly requires Al_Planes CLEO script and VehFuncs

- MixSets v4.3.7 or Memory Fix (to increase limits)
- CLEO 4.4.4
- ImVehFT 2.1.1 (from mixmods)
- VehFuncs v2.4 or latest version
- Al_Planes and Al_Planes_1.1 (both included)
- Mod Loader
- First Person 3.0 FIXED (recommended) or similar mods

Complete features
- Detailed models
- Detailed passenger cabin
- Ailerons and elevators
- Realistic landing gear (Al_planes)
- Tail rudder (Al_planes)
- Control wheels (Al_planes)
- Rudder pedals (Al_planes)
- Realistic spoilers (Al_planes and VehFuncs)
- Realistic flaps (Al_planes and VehFuncs)
- Openable main doors (Al_planes)
- Openable cargodoors (Al_planes)
- Thrust levers (VehFuncs)
- Thrust reversers (VehFuncs)
- Engine and fuel switches (VehFuncs)
- Engine fans (VehFuncs)
- Engines and wings variation (VehFuncs)
- Landing gear lights (ImVehFT)
- Passenger cabin illuminated at night (ImVehFT)
- Tail logo at night (ImVehFT)
- Can walk on the passenger cabin
- Illuminated cockpit panels
- Realistic 2DFX lights
- Custom and high quality LOD model
- Collision model

Extra Features
- Contrails
- Wing condensation effects
- Real name

Replaces: ANDROM

Original Author
FSX / Captain Sim

Converted and edited to GTA SA

Al_Planes Script

There are 13 liveries included, each .txd has many textures, which is why this mod weighs a lot

This mod was tested in GTA SA, SA-MP and some graphics mods like DirectX 3.0 (Ultra settings)

-Carcer- / From Bolivia / 2024

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Boeing 767-300ER
Boeing 767-300ER Boeing 767-300ER Boeing 767-300ER Boeing 767-300ER Boeing 767-300ER Boeing 767-300ER Boeing 767-300ER

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