GTA San Andreas: Airplanes

F-16C Fighting Falcon [VehFuncs]

Author: -Carcer-
Date: 09.01.2024
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A new F-16C for GTA SA :)

This mod was originally made by SkylineGTRFreak in 2012, then it was updated by 2668441938 in 2018, and now, in 2024, I bring my version. This version comes with
better details, more features, fixes and more...

- fastman92 limit adjuster (latest version)
- CLEO 4.4.4
- ImVehFT 2.1.1 (from mixmods)
- VehFuncs v2.4 or latest version
- Al_Planes and Al_Planes_1.1 (both included)
- Mod Loader
- First Person 3.0 FIXED (recommended) or similar mods

Features (with Al_planes)
- High detail models
- Realistic landing gear
- Flaperons and elevators
- Tail rudder
- Landing gear lever
- Control stick
- Rudder pedals
- Airbrakes
- Openable canopy
- Artificial horizon
- Speed and altitude indicators
- Compass
- Realistic 2DFX lights
- Custom and high quality LOD model
- Collision model

VehFuncs Features
- Engine and fuel switches
- Different liveries in-game

ImVehFT 2.1.1 Features
- Landing gear headlights at night

Extra Features
- Afterburners
- Sonic barrier effect
- Airshow smoke
- Real name

Replaces: hydra

Original Author
Microsoft Games/Aerosoft (MS FSX)

Converted and edited to GTA SA by
SkylineGTRFreak, Ryosuke and WeirdestNewOrder

Improved a few years ago by

Improved and fixed by

Al_Planes Script

This mod was tested in GTA SA and SA-MP

-Carcer- / From Bolivia / 2024

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F-16C Fighting Falcon [VehFuncs]
F-16C Fighting Falcon [VehFuncs] F-16C Fighting Falcon [VehFuncs] F-16C Fighting Falcon [VehFuncs] F-16C Fighting Falcon [VehFuncs] F-16C Fighting Falcon [VehFuncs] F-16C Fighting Falcon [VehFuncs] F-16C Fighting Falcon [VehFuncs]

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