GTA San Andreas: Airplanes

Beechcraft King Air C90B

Author: -Carcer-
Date: 18.09.2022
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Filesize: 199.206 MB

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A Beechcraft King Air C90B with many features

- Open Limit Adjuster or fastman92 limit adjuster to avoid problems
- CLEO 4.4.1
- ImVehFT 2.1.1
- VehFuncs v2.3 or latest version
- Al_Planes and Al_Planes_1.1 (both included)
- Mod Loader
- First Person 3.0 FIXED (recommended) or similar mods

Or you can install the "[SA] Essentials" mod pack on a clean copy of GTA SA, then you only need to install VehFuncs and ImVehFT.

- Detailed model
- Detailed cockpit
- Detailed passenger cabin
- Realistic landing gear
- Elevators, rudder and ailerons
- Flaps
- Landing gear lever
- Flaps lever
- Control wheels (yokes)
- Rudder pedals
- Functional door
- Attitude indicator and compass
- Realistic 2DFX lights
- Custom and high quality LOD model
- Collision model
- Real name (optional)

With ImVehFT 2.1.1
- Illuminated front landing gear headlights

With VehFuncs 2.3 or higher
- Cockpit and cabin variations
- Thrust levers
- Speed switches
- Engine and fuel switches
- Propeller levers
- Propellers
- Propeller blades rotate at high speeds

Nevada and Beagle versions are included

You must install this mod correctly, following the steps in the "Readme.txt" file

Original model
X-Plane 11

Converted and edited to GTA SA

Al_planes cleo script

1) Air Greenland - OY-PCL
2) N2SC - White and Yellow
3) N43XS
4) N43XS - White & Red
5) N71SM
6) N090KA
7) N124VM
8) N149MF
9) N250CB
10) N571TB
11) N911ZE
12) PS-GSB
13) Royal Flying Doctor Service - VH-FDZ
14) SX-BKY
15) T44
16) White

Including different options
- Option 1: 2DFX lights and adapted to custom textures.
- Option 2: 2DFX lights and adapted to original textures and other textures.
- Option 3: No 2DFX lights.

This mod was tested on
- GTA SA 1.0
- GTA SA 1.0 with SA-MP (public and private server).
- GTA SA 1.0 with GTA: Underground 3 + 3.2 update.
- GTA SA 1.0 with GTA Mixed (LC+VC+SA), but ImVehFT doesn't work.

Why is it 200MB?
- Because, Beagle and Nevada versions are included and their textures are in high resolution.

- The player does not enter the plane in the correct position.

-Carcer- / From Bolivia / 2022

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Beechcraft King Air C90B
Beechcraft King Air C90B Beechcraft King Air C90B Beechcraft King Air C90B Beechcraft King Air C90B Beechcraft King Air C90B Beechcraft King Air C90B Beechcraft King Air C90B

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