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J35D Draken

Author: Gray Wolf | Email
Date: 05.05.2022
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Here comes the------Draken!------The first fighter which can do cobra maneuver,as human ever made!

The model comes from WarThunder,arrange and converted into GTA:sa by me(gtainside ID:Gray Wolf/QQ:2772707686).Please respect the labor results of others,no secondary modification / uploading without my permisson, It is also strictly forbidden to make profits with this mod.

elevons/rudder/gears/hatches/airbrakes...,The movable parts was made according to the reality and the performance in the war thunder game as well as possible.

details in the cockpit:control lever/rudder pedals/throttle/landing gear lever/airbrake indicator/gear lamp;The instruments are still attitude, gyrocompass, altimeter, speedometer and head up display.

custom vlo/collision/shadow,some paintings(There will be more).

Sorry, but I didn't get the mountings.

Special Thanks:
Thanks to su-152 for providing various references in the process.
Thanks to cook69 for painting download address .
Thanks to 977 for taking the preview.
Thanks to authors of paintings from

Welcome to my flight enthusiast group(QQ):208866462.

Wish you a return with drums beating and banners flying.

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J35D Draken
J35D Draken J35D Draken J35D Draken J35D Draken J35D Draken

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