GTA SA: Airplanes

US Air National Guard F-15C Eagles

Author: Carbine04, SkylineGTRFreak
Date: 20.09.2021
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"It's National Guard, fool! Weekend soldiers! Ain't no match for Grove Street OGs!"
- Lance "Ryder" Wilson, 1992 -

The weekend soldiers take to the skies. This is a skin pack for Sky's old but gold F-15C eagle mod now featuring various active Air National Guard units.

Featured here are:
- 131st FS "Barnestromers", 104th FW, Based at Westfield - Barnes Regional Airport, Massachusetts
- 159th FS "Boxin' Gators", 125th FW, Based at Jacksonville International Airport, Florida
- 123rd FS "Redhawks", 142nd FW, Based at Portland International Airport, Oregon
- 194th FS "Griffins", 144th FW, Based at Fresno Yosemite International Airport, California
- 122nd FS "Bayou Militias", 159th FW, Based at NAS JRB New Orleans, Louisiana
- 114th FS, 173rd FW, Based at Crater Lake–Klamath Regional Airport, Oregon (Unit used as F-15C trainer squadron under AETC if activated to federal service)

As usual, use modloader, I really don't have to tell you how to install at this point. Just simply extract the files into the modloader directory


Replace Hydra .DFF and .TXD manually using any Img Editor of your choice (for all 3 of you who still do it this way, Seriously what are you doing? :P)

Credits to:
- Bandai Namco : Original AC:AH F-15C Model
- SkylineGTRFreak : Porting and Editing Model to San Andreas
- Me : Editing These Liveries on Photoshop
- Various Decal Maker : Decal Assets

Some YES and NOes (and a DON'T):
- YES, Skins are changeable, Use P+5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9 /0 Key
- YES, Engine sound included, using Aerosoft F-16 engine sound
- NO!!! DON'T YOU DARE re-upload to any other website beside GTAInside (I'M LOOKING AT YOU GTALAND!! YOU DIRTY BLATANT THIEF!!)
- NO, Burner effect is not included. My laptop can't handle it for some reason
- DON'T, rename "Hydra1, 2, 3, 4, or 5" to just "Hydra". it will not work, there are other required textures in the main hydra txd file which the other files don't have

As always whether you enjoy it or not I'll see you on the next one

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US Air National Guard F-15C Eagles
US Air National Guard F-15C Eagles US Air National Guard F-15C Eagles US Air National Guard F-15C Eagles US Air National Guard F-15C Eagles US Air National Guard F-15C Eagles US Air National Guard F-15C Eagles

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