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Tomcats At War 1973 - 1991

Author: Carbine04, SkylineGTRFreak
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Date: 25.03.2021
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Skin mod of SkylineGTR34Freak's F-14A mod featuring Tomcats with air to air kills accredited to them. Although the Tomcats only ever score a total of 5 kills in US service, so I have to make do with a prototype that do kill something :P.

The mod today features:

Operation Six-On-Six, November 21st 1973:
- 157983 - NMC204
Piloted by: Cmdr. John R. "Smoke" Wilson Jr. and LCdr. Jack Hawver
Killed 4 out of 6 Drones with 6 AIM-54A Phoenixes (2 Missed, target drones malfuctioned)

1st Gulf Of Sidra Incident, August 19th 1981:
- 160403 - Fast Eagle 102 (Flight Leader)
Piloted By: Cmdr. Henry 'Hank' Kleemann and Lt. David 'DJ' Venlet
Killed 1 Libyan Su-22 with an AIM-9L Sidewinder

- 160390 - Fast Eagle 107
Piloted By: Lt. Lawrence 'Music' Muczynski and LtJG. James 'Luca' Anderson
Killed 1 Libyan Su-22 with an AIM-9L Sidewinder

2nd Gulf Of Sidra Incident, January 4th 1989:
- 159437 - Gypsy 202
Piloted by: Lt. Herman C. Cook III and LCdr. Steven Patrick Collins
Killed 1 Libyan MiG-23 with an AIM-9L/M Sidewinder

- 159610 - Gypsy 207 (Flight Leader)
Piloted by: Cmdr. Joseph Bernard Connelly and Cmdr. Leo F. Enwright
Killed 1 Libyan MiG-23 with 2 AIM-7M Sparrows (1 missed)

Operation Desert Storm, February 6th 1991:
- 162603 - Wichita 103 "El Coyote"
Piloted by: Lt. Stuart Broce and Cmdr, Ron "Bongo" McElraft
Killed 1 Iraqi Mi-8 Hip with an AIM-9M Sidewinder (Though kill mark was mistaken for an Iraqi Mi-24 Hind)

Use modloader, I really don't have to tell you how to install at this point. Just simply extract the files into the modloader directory


Replace Hydra .DFF and .TXD manually using any Img Editor of your choice (for all 7 of you who still do it this way, Seriously what are you doing? :P)

Credits to:
- Bandai Namco : Original Ace Combat F-14D Model
- SkylineGTRFreak : Porting and Editing Model to San Andreas
- Me : Editing These Liveries on Photoshop
- A LOT Of Decal Makers : Decal Assets

Some YES and NOes:
- YES, Skins are changeable, Use P+5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9 /0 Key
- YES, Engine sound included, using Aerosoft's F-14 sound
- NO!!! DON'T YOU DARE re-upload to any other website beside GTAInside (I AM WATCHING YOU!!)
- NO, Burner effect is still not included. My laptop can't handle it for some reason, then again Google is a thing so... use it maybe

As always whether you enjoy it or not I'll see you on the next one

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Tomcats At War 1973 - 1991
Tomcats At War 1973 - 1991 Tomcats At War 1973 - 1991 Tomcats At War 1973 - 1991 Tomcats At War 1973 - 1991 Tomcats At War 1973 - 1991 Tomcats At War 1973 - 1991

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