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Boeing 737-900ER Travel Service *UPDATED*

Author: CzechBoy777, -Carcer-
Date: 18.08.2020
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Boeing 737-900ER with Al_planes Script

Features are:

Detailed model
Detailed cockpit
Moving fans
Working gears
Working hatches
Working elevators, rudder and ailerons
Working thrust levers
Working landing gear lever
Working tail skid
Enterable from ground
Working lights
Windows light up at night
Illuminated gauges
Custom and hight quality LOD model
Have collision model
Have shadow model

Replaces: AT400

Thanks to -Carcer- for creating this model


New model added! -Carcer's new 737-900


- High detail model
- High detail cockpit
- Turbines
- Realistic landing gear
- Elevators, rudder and ailerons
- Flaps
- Spoilers
- Thrust reversers
- Thrust levers
- Landing gear lever
- Spoilers lever
- Flaps lever
- Yoke
- Some animated switches
- Openable cargo doors (press NUM "2" to open and press NUM "8" to close)
- Can enter to airplane from the ground
- Realistic 2DFX lights
- Custom and high quality LOD model
- Collision model
- Shadow model
- Real name (optional)

ImVehFT 2.1.1 Features:

- Logo light can be turned "ON" at night
- Illuminated cockpit instruments
- Illuminated windows at night

VehFuncs Features:

- Split scimitar winglets and normal winglets can spawn randomly
- Different antenna configuration for each winglet variation
- LOD models for each winglet variation

Replaces: Andromada

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Boeing 737-900ER Travel Service *UPDATED*
Boeing 737-900ER Travel Service *UPDATED* Boeing 737-900ER Travel Service *UPDATED*

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