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Old Day Eagles: St. Louis *Minor Update*

Author: Carbine04, SkylineGTRFreak
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Date: 22.07.2020
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This will be the first mod in my "Old Day Eagles" series, This series portrays some F-15 Squadrons that have either transitioned to other aircraft or disbanded.

This time featuring the 131st Fighter Wing A.K.A Missouri ANG based on Lambert Field, St. Louis up until October of 2008. Today the unit is designated as the 131st Bomb Wing flying Northrop Grumman B-2A based in Whiteman AFB.

Included here are 7 Liveries (6 Main + 1 Extra):
1. SL 81-0025 "Spirit of St. Louis
2. SL 80-0043 "St. Louis Blues" Commemorative Bird
3. SL 80-0004 "Top-O-The Food Chain" Featuring a shark nose art
4. SL 80-0035 Line Jet
5. SL 80-0038 Line Jet
6. SL 82-0011 Line Jet

80-0043 "St. Louis Cardinals" Commemorative Bird
(This is set as an extra because the aircraft with the same number with different paint job)

Use modloader, I guess I don't have to tell you how to install at this point. Just simply extract the files into the modloader directory


Replace Hydra .DFF and .TXD manually using any Img Editor of your choice (who does that in this day and age anyway)

Credits to:
- Bandai Namco: Original Ace Combat F-15C Model
- SkylineGTRFreak: Porting Model to San Andreas
- A lot of decal maker: Decal Assets
- Me: Making These Liveries on Photoshop

Some YES and NOes:
- YES, Skins are changeable, Use P+5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9 /0 Key
- YES, Engine sound included (Airbus engine sound, weird choice I know, in-game sound file limitation. but at least the other jets don't shriek like how actual F-15s sound)
- NO!!!, DO NOT re-upload to any other website beside GTAInside (I AM WATCHING YOU!!)
- NO, Burner effect is not included. My laptop can't handle it for some reason

I hope you enjoy, or not. anyways I'll see you on the next one

Update 23/08/2020:
- New brighter fuselage textures
- New engine sounds, now using Dino's Eurofighter sound

P.S. I've updated my older F-15 mods with the same changes as above (plus a few extras of course), check them out if you're interested :)

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Old Day Eagles: St. Louis *Minor Update*
Old Day Eagles: St. Louis *Minor Update* Old Day Eagles: St. Louis *Minor Update* Old Day Eagles: St. Louis *Minor Update* Old Day Eagles: St. Louis *Minor Update* Old Day Eagles: St. Louis *Minor Update*

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