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Emerald Coast F-15C Livery Pack

Author: Carbine04, SkylineGTRFreak | Email
Date: 04.07.2019
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Filesize: 9.355 MB

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a Livery pack for SkylineGTRFreak's F-15C Eagle model featuring Squadrons based at Eglin and Tyndall AFB, Florida

(This part is just for formality)
Mod features:
Detailed model
Working flaps and intakes
Working gears
Working hatches
Working canopy
Working elevons, rudders and ailerons
Working cockpit instruments
Working MG
Working brake
Custom LOD model
Custom Shadow model
Custom Collision model
Changeable Livery (P+5,P+6,...)

Original Author:
Namco (Ace Combat:Assault Horizon)

Converted/Edited parts by:

Script by:

Texture by:

Included Livery:

1. 78-0546, 58th FS 'Gorillas' - Eglin AFB
2. 82-0013, 60th FS 'Fighting Crows' - Eglin AFB
3. 85-0126, 85th Test and Eval Sq. - Eglin AFB
4. 85-0025, 40th Flight Test Sq. - Eglin AFB
5. 81-0027, 325th FW Commander - Tyndall AFB
6. 79-0021, 2nd FS 'American Beagles' - Tyndall AFB

1. Real name (Cleo_text)
2. Optional engine by Aerosoft
3. Credits to Bullseye Model Aviations for the original decals

Respect the modders work. Don't re-upload to gtaall, and other pages ! I AM WATCHING YOU

*Really Minor Update*
- Added a few data stencils on the aircrafts forward fuselage and horizontal tail
- Changed the Tactical Air Command badge on 82-0013's vertical tail with a better one

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Emerald Coast F-15C Livery Pack
Emerald Coast F-15C Livery Pack Emerald Coast F-15C Livery Pack Emerald Coast F-15C Livery Pack Emerald Coast F-15C Livery Pack

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