GTA SA: Airplanes

Antonov An 225 Mriya

Author: Mafnom 360 | Email
Date: 05.09.2007
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It's my first plane completely created from scratch. It's based on Antonov An-225 Mriya.
Where to enter? Stay between four front wheels, then push Enter or F button.

How to drop a ride? So, there are two ways:
- with installed Spaceeinstein's All In One Mod (Just turn on God Mode, drive a car into the cargo hold and close cargo hold door before take off),
- and without that (Make plane and vehicle which will be dropped indestructible, then drive a car into cargo hold and close cargo hold door before take off).
Cargo hold door are closed by Deafult, so first enter the plane and open them :-)
Which vehicles can I drop? So, all without Monster Trucks.
It's slow. How can I fly faster? You can add more power to engines, pressing Caps Lock or 2.
Warning --> Turn off additional power before landing!
Warning --> It's heavy, so land carefully.
How to open cargo hold door? So, use Special Controls Up and Down. Check Redefine Controls Option if you don't know which keys.

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Antonov An 225 Mriya

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