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Boeing 747-8i

Author: -Carcer-
Date: 08.06.2019
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Boeing 747-8i with Al_planes CLEO script
This mod is the full rework version of my previous 747-8i

- Detailed model
- Detailed cockpit
- Engines
- Realistic landing gear
- Elevators, rudder and ailerons
- Flaps
- Spoilers
- Thrust reversers
- Thrust levers
- Landing gear lever
- Spoiler lever
- Flap lever
- Openable cargo doors (press NUM "2" to open and press NUM "8" to close)
- You can enter to airplane from the invisible ramp (left side of aircraft)
- Cargo containers (extra1)
- Realistic 2dfx lights
- Illuminated windows
- Illuminated gauges
- Custom and hight quality LOD model
- Collision model
- Shadow model
- Real name (optional)

To works all from the list, you need CLEO and Al_planes script (Al_planes included in the file)
Original Author:
FSX / Project OpenSky (SkySpirit)

Converted to GTA SA

Script: Albreht
1 - Air China
2 - Air Force One
3 - Boeing House Sunrise
4 - Korean Air
5 - Lufthansa
6 - Lufthansa (New livery)
7 - Lufthansa (Retro livery)
Including different options:

Option 1: B747-8i with 2dfx lights, you need install the attached particle.txd (adapted to custom textures)

Option 2: B747-8i with 2dfx lights, need unmodified particle.txd file (adapted to original textures)

Option 3: B747-8i without 2dfx lights (no need install particle.txd or textures)
Tested in:
GTA SA 1.0
GTA SA with GTA: Underground mod
See Readme.txt for installation instructions and more details
From Bolivia

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Boeing 747-8i
Boeing 747-8i Boeing 747-8i Boeing 747-8i Boeing 747-8i Boeing 747-8i Boeing 747-8i Boeing 747-8i

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