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F-15C Trigger (Strider 1)

Author: gwapo461
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Date: 30.04.2019
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McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle - Strider 1 (Trigger) - Strider Squadron (124th Tactical Fighter Squadron) - Long Range Strategic Strike Group (LRSSG) - Osean Air Defense Force (OADF)

The F-15C Trigger (call signed Strider 1, and a protagonist of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown) is a variant of the F-15C Eagle, which is themed on the 124th Tactical Fighter Squadron.

Mod features:
• Detailed model
• Working flaps and intakes
• Working gears
• Working hatches
• Working canopy
• Working elevons, rudders and ailerons
• Working cockpit instruments
• Working MG
• Working brake
• Custom LOD model
• Custom Shadow model
• Custom Collision model

Original model from: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Converted/edited by: SkylineGTRFreak
CLEO scripts: Albreht and 2668441938
Texture by: gwapo461

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F-15C Trigger (Strider 1)
F-15C Trigger (Strider 1) F-15C Trigger (Strider 1) F-15C Trigger (Strider 1) F-15C Trigger (Strider 1) F-15C Trigger (Strider 1) F-15C Trigger (Strider 1) F-15C Trigger (Strider 1)

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