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Mig 29 Indian Air force

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Date: 09.04.2019
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Mig 29s Indian Air force.
India was the first international customer of the MiG-29. The Indian Air Force (IAF) placed an order for more than 50 MiG-29s in 1980 while the aircraft
was still in its initial development phase. Since its induction into the IAF in 1985, the aircraft has undergone a series of modifications with the
addition of new avionics, sub-systems, turbofan engines and radars.[54]

Indian MiG-29s were used extensively during the 1999 Kargil War in Kashmir by the Indian Air Force to provide fighter escort for
Mirage 2000s attacking targets with laser-guided bombs. According to Indian sources, two MiG-29s from the IAF's No. 47 squadron (Black Archers)
gained missile lock on two F-16s of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) which were patrolling close to the border to prevent any incursions by Indian aircraft,
but did not engage them because no official declaration of war had been issued. The Indian MiG-29s were armed with beyond-visual-range air-to-air missiles
whereas the Pakistani F-16s were not.

Working taxture with old Mig 29K of SkylineGTRfreak and his respective team.
Dff file is Download From converted by Riba. The cockpit mode is taken from Mig 29k SkylineGTRfreak's mod.

Dff: Riba.
Txd: Original TXD owner, SkylineGTRFreak & Riba.

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Mig 29 Indian Air force
Mig 29 Indian Air force Mig 29 Indian Air force Mig 29 Indian Air force Mig 29 Indian Air force Mig 29 Indian Air force Mig 29 Indian Air force Mig 29 Indian Air force

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