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FFR-41 MR Mave

Author: Rainie AKA BigYellowTail and Sarina Valentina skin editing
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Date: 20.09.2017
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Hola gente de este foro bueno aqui esta el mod de FFR-41 MR MAVE Yukikaze obviamente el mod no es mio pero yo le hice la edicion completa de los skins de cada color de este mod que aqui dejo las imagenes de este espectacular mod y obviamente el mod no es mio y el autor del mod es Rainie AKA BigYellowTail esta aqui en la descripcion pero yo edite los skins de cada unos los colores que te gusta aqui dejo las imagenes

El mod no funciona ni el claxon ni el arma principal tiene algunos problemas solo hay que utilizar el arma secundaria obviamente los misiles y el mod solo funciona con el cleo mod de FA-18D Hornet

A se me olvidaba hay dos prototipos de yukikaze la que esta en la imagen y la que tengo esta es segundo prototipo es YUKIKAZE FFR-31MR/D


Hello, people of this forum here is the mod of FFR-41 MR MAVE Yukikaze obviously the mod is not mine but I did the complete edition of the skins of each color of this mod that here I leave the images of this spectacular mod and obviously the mod is not mine and the author of the mod is Rainie AKA BigYellowTail is here in the description but I edit the skins of each one the colors that you like here I leave the images

The mod does not work neither the horn nor the main weapon has some problems only have to use the secondary weapon obviously the missiles and the mod only works with the cleo mod of FA-18D Hornet

A I forgot there are two prototypes of yukikaze that is in the image and the one I have this second prototype is YUKIKAZE FFR-31MR / D

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FFR-41 MR Mave
FFR-41 MR Mave FFR-41 MR Mave FFR-41 MR Mave FFR-41 MR Mave FFR-41 MR Mave FFR-41 MR Mave FFR-41 MR Mave

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