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Drive San Andreas - Realistic Handling

Author: PermissionToLand
Date: 11.08.2022
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This is a significant improvement over DriveIII and DriveVice because I made an important discovery in understanding the traction system. This allowed me to make it so that cars don't slide like they're on ice as soon as traction is broken. This also makes oversteer more controllable.

Other than that, it fixes the same problems as my other mods; cars being excessively bouncy and easily tipped, having too much grip and even small things like the brake bias. Most cars are more durable, with a few exceptions like the police cars which were unrealistically tough, so they have been weakened. Like the other mods, destructible objects have been improved (see video).

I've tried to make the Red Baron easier to fly by making it less touchy and gave it a slightly higher top speed to make the Supply Lines mission easier. In general, I've made the aircraft slightly less touchy, to give them a sense of weight. The Vortex is less touchy at high speeds, making it easier to control, which is useful in the Cut Throat Business mission when you need to get through that narrow bridge with railings.

New colors for a lot of cars were added, as well. After 20 years, you get tired of seeing the same cars in the same colors all the time, you know? I also got rid of some of the uglier original colors and color combos.

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Drive San Andreas - Realistic Handling

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