GTA4: EDGE Magazin Preview with 16 pages
11.03.2008, 21:00
Author: Alex

The EDGE Magazine published a 16 pages GTA IV Preview. In addition, it includes an interview with Sam Houser and six new Screenshots.

Here are the key elements of the article:

  •  You can find strip joints and comedy clubs in Liberty City, which have been incorporated in a manner that is "enough to make your head spin." Edge aren't allowed to say anything else about it at this time.
  • Jets and planes fly through the airport, and have visible pilots inside them. The tester drove alongside a jet, only to have a 4-star wanted level appear!
  • One encounter face-to-face with a cop got the response: "I'm a cop... and you're a dickhead!"
  • On the subject of multiplayer... Houser wasn't able to go into much detail, but he did mention being able to get together online in the game with no other goal other than to use it as a meeting place: "I'll meet you in a car and we'll hang and just drive and listen to music, chilling in the car, with your 3D model sat next to me," he says.
  • The car paint jobs are noticable from newer cars being gleaming and spotless, to old cars being rusted and dull.
  • Bulletholes and dirt are permanent on cars.
  • Interior walls can be greatly damaged, "ripping chunks out of the plaster with gunfire."


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"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Comments: 377
Private Message
13.03.2008, 16:53

Stimmt bei gta sa hatte man mehr das gefühl auf einem Industriehof nach 17 uhr zu sein^^
"Bounty Hunter"
Bounty Hunter
Comments: 61
Private Message
12.03.2008, 18:02

ich finde es cool das Flugzeuge starten und Landen 20mal besser als wie beim GTA sa
12.03.2008, 16:23

bleiben die einschusslöcher in autos auch wenn man es in die garage stellt?gibst dieses heft auch in deutschland zu kaufen?
12.03.2008, 14:04

hoffentlich macht rokstar nen deutschen untertitel bei den comedy clubs ich hätte nämlich keinen bock alles im kopf zu übersetzten bei mir dauert das nen bissle länger
"Bounty Hunter"
Bounty Hunter
Comments: 72
Private Message
12.03.2008, 12:04

mh diese komischen zahlen habe ich aber nicht geschrieben!
naja ich finde mit den flugzeugen höhrt sich super an!!!!
11.03.2008, 22:04

hast dus gut bei mir fangen die erst am freitag nachmittag an...
Comments: 54
Private Message
11.03.2008, 21:56

endlich ferien !!!!!!
Comments: 156
Private Message
11.03.2008, 21:06

NEIN doch 2weiter!! FETTE news!
"Bounty Hunter"
Bounty Hunter
Comments: 89
Private Message
11.03.2008, 21:04

sind doch feine news kanns gar net mehr abwarten
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