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Crossbow V.1

Author: TheGTAKingOfficial | Email
Date: 24.07.2015
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This modification brings the Crossbow into GTA 5! Featuring a multitude of custom textures and fully working scopes!

There are glitches when customizing the weapon. The only attachments that will work at the moment are the scopes.
(Seen in screenshots). Some of the glitches include; when selecting the standard sniper rifle (the replaced weapon) it will first appear to be the original sniper rifle and the texture on the first seen original sniper rifle is glitched.

Features Coming in Future Updates:
-Shooting arrows
-Crossbow audio
-More textures
-Added attachments

How to install: Crossbow
1. Start OpenIV
2. Go to Grand Theft Auto V / update / x64 / dlcpacks / patchday3ng / dlc.rpf / x64 / models / cdimages / weapons.rpf
3. Replace w_sr_sniperrifle_hi.ydr, w_sr_sniperrifle_mag1.ydr and w_sr_sniperrifle_mag1.ytd from the "Files" folder
Then pick what texture you want from the "Textures" folder, replacing w_sr_sniperrifle.ytd and w_sr_sniperrifle+hi.ytd

If you have any comments/questions/suggestions/concerns, let me know!

If you would want to make a custom skin for the weapon, email the texture to Make sure to include your username for I can give you credit.

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Crossbow V.1
Crossbow V.1 Crossbow V.1 Crossbow V.1

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